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  Acknowledgement 1-Mar-2003
  Introduction (The guitars for real) 1-Mar-2003
1.   Sexual Harassment In The Workplace 1-Mar-2003
2.   Which One Is It? 1-Mar-2003
3.   Republicans 1-Mar-2003
4.   Do Not Pass Go 1-Mar-2003
5.   Chalk Pie 1-Mar-2003
6.   In-A-Gadda-Stravinsky 1-Mar-2003
7.   That's Not Really Reggae 1-Mar-2003
8.   When No One Was No One 1-Mar-2003
9.   Once Again, Without The Net 1-Mar-2003
10.   Outside Now (Original Solo) 1-Mar-2003
11.   Jim & Tammy's Upper Room 1-Mar-2003
12.   Were We Ever Really Safe In San Antonio? 1-Mar-2003
13.   That Ol' G Minor Thing Again 1-Mar-2003
14.   Hotel Atlanta Incidentals 1-Mar-2003
15.   That's Not Really A Shuffle 1-Mar-2003
16.   Move It Or Park It 1-Mar-2003
17.   Sunrise Redeemer 1-Mar-2003
18.   Variations On Sinister #3 1-Mar-2003
19.   Orrin Hatch On Skis 1-Mar-2003
20.   But Who Was Fulcanelli? 1-Mar-2003
21.   For Duane 1-Mar-2003
22.   GOA 1-Mar-2003
23.   Winos Do Not March 1-Mar-2003
24.   Swans? What Swans? 1-Mar-2003
25.   Too Ugly For Show Business 1-Mar-2003
26.   Systems Of Edges 1-Mar-2003
27.   Do Not Try This At Home 1-Mar-2003
28.   Things That Look Like Meat 1-Mar-2003
29.   Watermelon In Easter Hay 1-Mar-2003
30.   Canadian Customs 1-Mar-2003
31.   Is That All There Is? 1-Mar-2003
32.   It Ain't Necessarily The Saint James Infirmary (Gershwin/Gershwin/Primrose) 1-Mar-2003

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