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  This website was founded in autumn 1996 by Vladimir Sovetov the long-time Siberian maintainer of Bibliography, Notes and Comments and (now reformated/revised for a new glory by Johan Wikberg) Vinyl vs. CD FAQs of USENET newsgroup as a place where FZ fans could be entertained by amateur efforts of scholarly oriented tovarischis :-))

  It's free for suggestions and contributions of any sort. Just offer your academic stuff if you have such of common FZ fans interest and there are always the chance for you to get on this high-brow bus of us :-)))

  But if you are just a curious network surfer don't lose your sense of humor, NO ONE (including ME) who contributed to this site has ever been paid for it! All the wonderful stuff here was compiled for nothin' at all but out of the pure (or may be poor :-) habit of being such stubborn pedants. So just have fun!

  For a long time the site has been hosted at by server of Commercial KuzbassPromBank the local Siberian financial institution I was working for as a maintainer of all its private intranet routers, clusters, servers, etc including the cute little Internet one.

  Now bank is gone and its Internet link discontinued.

  May be for a better... I mean due to this misfortune I was forced to register my own unique domain for the site and I hope it will stay in your bookmarks forever.

  Why not?-)

Any proposal? I'd like to hear!