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Introduction to original FAQ version
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  Preevat! This FAQ part was originally conceived as a helpful guide for novices and foreigners. But step by step ( comments by comments in fact :-) as it grew and happily put on weight due to good will and zeal of FZ fans over the world many compatriots of Mr. Zappa also begun to feel that it's a useful pile of bytes well suitable for the hard drives of their home silicon pets.
  So it goes and goes and goes.
  And there is real chance that we'll end up some day with something worthy to bestow upon future generations and generations of hungry freaks.
  - Hey! Bob! Look that's my grandy been
  once explained that those mysterious Baby Snakes was nothing more and nothing less than just tiny zircon-encrusted thing between our sister Mary legs! Woow!
  So you're going the right way, comrades, - as they used to bark on Communist's Party Congress of my glorious and warmed by FZ secret words for nights and days youth!
Introduction to HTML (this!) version
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  And here it is! Wise pages for you! At last. The first step to REAL Notes and Comments with Conceptual Continuity Clues crossreferences. Generated by smart, radiant scripts of my own design which promise quick and easy updates of the whole monstrosity. Hope you enjoy it!
  Of course, the stuff is sort of experimental. So any feedback, nit-pickin' and so on are greatly appreciated!
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Special case YCDTOSA
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  Yep! It used to be the weird hard to html stuff "Cruising With YCDTOSA" compiled for you by another great italian Francesco Gentile. But now (May, 1998) it was mergerd with general affz archives data, reformated and looks as regular as all other N & C material.
  So enjoy! Hi-Ho, Masked Man.

That's all for tonight, boys and girls. Stuff here is easy to use and should be very good for your health:-))
  So good luck! And Do sveedania!

SOVA NOSE Any proposal? I'd like to hear!
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