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  Well, once again another portion of the wise easy to update pages for you go here. All seems to be obvious, so nothing to add but ENJOY!
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  There was an army of them of course, someone posted something to newsgroup, someone was kind enough to drop me a line or two by e-mail, all of 'em mentioned on the appropriate pages. But besides them there were some incredibile people who regulary sent me a lot of unavailable to me data, they really helped me to build the thing as it is, so I'd like to thank them some special way.

  Spaseebo!! (David Smith)
"Wilson, Andrew F" <> (Patrick Gaumond)
Paul Core <> (Marco Bazzoli)
Tan Mitsugu <>
David G. Walley <> (Edi Weitz)
Istvan Fekete <>

  And last but not least SPECIAL SIBERIAN THANKS to my friend and brother-in-FAQ-maintaining

Robbert Heederik <>

  who one Xmas sent me as a gift from Amsterdam the paperback copy of The Real Frank Zappa Book and by this way has started all this beautifull Biblio affair!

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  E-mail 'em to me!

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