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Question: Hi! I suppose it's correct to call you Vlad?
Answer: No!-))) Formaly the right short forms are much more peculiar looking. In fact they are Volodia and Vova. But because I don't like both you could continue to call me the old wrong way!

Question: Also I'm wondering in what heck of wood are you living in?
Answer: Heh! Right in the cozy south-west corner of Siberia. Look, here is a nice little map for you pleasure, ladies and gentlemen, with my beautiful home-town painted in red.

Question: Vlad! What about Russain or may be Soviet Union releases of Frank thingy?
Answer: Well, there are some, but nothing really interesting for traders to worry about. Couple of years ago Moscow based SNC records company was licensed to issue the regular The Man From Utopia album in both LP and CD format. That's all for legal stuff. Also existed after-perestoika pirate issue of Apostrophe(') LP in funny misty and gray Over-Nite Sensation sleeve. Obviously poor wrong-doers never seen original LP so they naively adopted old Ryko A/OS CD's package design.

Question: What a pity! But I believe you should have some rare bootleg stuff sort of Prague tapes there?
Answer: I wish we had. But once again no. Frank never played on stage here, so no one to make unauthorized profit from it!

Question: Never giged you said? Am I also wrong thinking that he visited Russia couple of times?
Answer: No, it's correct! He tried to make business here. If you don't believe :-)) read the only russian interview of FZ known to mankind.

Question: By the way, where is your site's notorious doggie wee-wee background that happend to hurt so much eyes in the past?
Answer: It's gone:-))) Yes, as any good joke it had a short living time. Just one year:-))) But if you want to have a headache anyway, here is husky widdled page just for ya. Enjoy!

Question: Well, so simple, I see... But what about my e-mail address? It's so great to be mentioned in the FAQ, but would you mind to change that long-time non-existing ugliness to my new real one?
Answer: No!!!!! I really (and hope you too:-))) don't wont that this re-naming become my full-time consuming business. In fact it's not the address at all, it's just a token of you extreme:-))) And the last in this spam-riddled Net maybe having only this bogus one publicly available isn't that bad idea of entertainment?

Question: Anyway, how could I thank you for all amazing aff-z FAQ docs you've compiled?
Answer: Say Cheese!-))) And in case it would be of no help than transcribe Frank's live tape or bootleg of you choice and send the results to me
Thank you in advance.

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