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What Should I Get Next?

  The original text prototype of this aff-z FAQ of FAQs was compiled in 1994 by my german buddy Joe (Johannes Labisch)

(alas he has lost his job since and internet access too :-(().

  Since the happy day of 1997 when I found it forgotten on the old dusty hard drive of mine PC I'm developing and presenting the material as the static and now onward from Dec. 2000 as the dynamic DataBase driven web pages for FZ's fans worldwide community.

  Now I even hope to support this site by it! But don't worry, the stuff is still free and available 24 hours 366 days a year as long as this site is running.

  Just be informed that despite all my additions, manipulations and evolutions of the presentation forms I still would love the material to look like Joe's doc, so I left his original introduction and comments untouched. In other words if you find it useful I would like you to think that it is Johannes great stuff after all, but if you don't, then, please, remember that it was me

Vladimir Sovetov <>

who spoiled everything!-)))

  And here it goes. The answer to the eternal FZ fan question


Albums/Content Index with Intro
Albums/Content Index without Intro

  P.S. Sorry, but compilations

Strictly Commercial, Strictly Genteel, Have I Offended Someone, Cheap Thrills and Cheep Thrills

are not listed. If you happen to like some track from these CD's just check liners notes to find to what original album this particular song belongs.

SOVA NOSE Any proposal? I'd like to hear!
The original idea and the first draft © Johannes Labisch, 1994
Later development and SQL/Perl abusage © Vladimir Sovetov, 1997-2000
You could download, copy and redistribute this material freely as long as you keep copyright notice intact and don't make any profite on it.